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Burning Man 2022


It looks like Burning Man is back on for 2022 after a 2 year hiatus.  Just a reminder that people from all over will be looking to rent your RV's/trailers.  This happens over Labor Day Weekend so look for people that want to rent over that weekend and tell you they are going to Lake Tahoe or Reno or somewhere around the area.  They will often lie to you in order to get a good deal on a rental.  People will rent RV's or trailers as far away as California, Idaho, Washington, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, etc and drive it all the way to Reno and back.  Burning Man takes place in the Black Rock desert and it is very hard on trailers.  The dust can get into all your systems and wreck them.  I can tell you from experience that your trailer will never come back the same.  If you choose to rent to BM, charge a very large premium. Charge a very large deposit and a very large cleaning fee.  DO NOT charge your basic rental charge, this is a supply and demand opportunity for RV owners.  I've seen trailers that are 20 years old being rented out for 5000+.  Feel free to ask any questions.  Thanks very much 


Community Manager
Community Manager

@clifflange thanks for sharing your experience around Burning Man with others. I'll actually be having a live Q&A discussion with another owner about this later on tomorrow in our "Outdoorsy RV Owner Community" Facebook group. I'll see what I can do to get the recording shared here and in the owner forum.

Day-tripper II

This is very helpful. I literally just received a request asking if I would be willing to rent out for a festival. for a period of 10 days or so. being new to the industry I don't know what I dont know, but something seemed strange about the conversation. I asked him for the dates and where the festival was just based on gut, then I googled events during that time and Burning man came up. I also read that you dont want to let anyone take your trailer to burning man, but ever knew why. After reading this and googling why, I have officially made my trailer unavailable during that timeframe. Thank you 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@jlasquete @clifflange I never was able to get a recording to share here since it was hosted in Facebook. However, if you're in that group you can view the Owner chat we had here: