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Brand New


My husband and I are first timers at renting our travel trailer out. Any tips and anyone want to give us the good bad and the ugly lol 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there @Court523 and welcome to Outdoorsy! 
The first thing I always recommend to people is to take a look that the owner handbook, where we’ve compiled everything you need to know as Outdoorsy hosts.

Aside from that take a look through all the different threads or search for topics that you might have questions on to see what's already been answered. Hope this helps!


Suggest you also join the Outdoorsy Facebook group. At the top of the page there is a place to search for virtually everything


What's an SRA?

Should I allow dry camping?

What generator do you recommend?

How should I charge for...




Should I include sheets, pillows, towels?

What should I charge for delivery?

Should I get Outdoorsy RV insurance

How long should I wait for a renter?


Day-tripper II

I AM NEW AS WELL - nice to meet you and would love to know any tips you find as your going along too

Day-tripper III

Besides this forum, use the Outdoorsy Owners Handbook.  Book an hour with the Outdoorsy listing specialist!  It was free and the information was invaluable!  You can also book more sessions if you like!  Prepare/expect for things to break-it's par for the course.  Most folks have been respectful but accidents happen.  Don't get too bent out of shape when things go wrong.  Find the owners forum for your brand of rig for help with all sorts of questions, from how to fix things to where fuse panels are located.  I've needed all of it!  Prepare for your phone to ring at any hour.  I wrote up my own handbook, with a glossary and pictures, that breaks down how to's and where things are located on board.  I keep a copy handy for those phone calls in case I have to answer questions when I've been asleep!  Now that I've done this for 6 months, I'm better at preparing my renters so between that and the handbook I made, there's been less questions.  But still got a 6am call about how to fill fresh water even though we went over it in person, I sent video instructions, and there was an instruction page dedicated to just that step.  It does get easier with experience.  My advice is to trust the process and trust your instincts.