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BRAND NEW w/30 day rental request


Brand new and got a rental request for a 30 day rental in yosemite. It made my heart race. They want to begin the rental in 2 days. I hoped to get my feet wet with weekend rentals. But I guess it's a good problem to have. So he says he is 40 and going on a climbing trip in Yosemite with friends. He says he is reliable and offered  his phone number but I kept communication in the app. What are some things I might want to ask about a 30 day rental? Can anyone give me some feed back on long rentals? My rig is an van conversion. 18 ft long. Sleeps 2 adults two small kids or one bigger kid. It has stove/fridge/microwave and seatbelts for 3. In case this info is important in giving me any feed back. Thanks so much in advance for any help or advice.  


Weekend warrior II

What is their experience with camping?  What kind of hook ups will they have?  Do they have reservations?  From a quick google search he has to have reservations for camping within the actual park.  Do they need a site with external power?  I don't know much about van rentals 🙂  I would make sure he understands the price is going to be - Im guessing that someone probably cancelled on him.  I would ask for proof of a reservation personally.  I prefer longer rentals - less work and more reward!