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Boost Winter Rentals


Hi all,

Recently bought a newly converted camper van to rent via Outdoorsy and use for family trips now and then. I decided to buy know fully knowing that I probably wouldn't get much traffic or bookings in the winter. However, it would be nice to get it rented 3-5 nights a month through the winter so I have some experience under my belt going into summer.

Any tips on how to boost a listing / traffic during winter when booking volume is down?




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, 

Winter time is definitely slow for many owners that list their rigs on Outdoorsy. We recommend utilizing social media such as Facebook to get your listing out there. You can also market and advertise your listing on your own. Here is an article that may be useful. Hope this helps 🙂  

Day-tripper III

Thanks for posting that article, Carli! Great suggestions in there! 

Day-tripper III

I know this on the minds of a lot of people right now! That article posted above has some good suggestions. There's also a marketing webinar on the forum next week that will likely have great tips! 


Hey Ya'll.

I am new to the platform but was able to snag 4 bookings in the last 2 weeks. If you have not done so I HIGHLY RECOMMEND doing a call with a listing coach. My listing coach Richard was super helpful in helping me dial in some of my details and also strategize on how to be successful. 

For me I made my pricing very competitive in comparison to my peers, really lowered restrictions, and offered help planning their trip if needed (this part I actually love to do). 

My goal for winter is just to rack up as many bookings as possible to gain positive reviews. 

You can also create a friends and family discount to get the van some more booked time and also gain reviews before the prime months!

I hope this helped a little, and good luck!

@CallMeYeti way to go! Glad you found the listing coach call so helpful!

Day-tripper II

Great post! Here are few things I did to boost winter sales.

  • Lower the minimum nightly rental requirement a little. 
  • Offer a little earlier pickup than normal.
  • When they show up for the departure orientation, tell them that if they decide they want to keep your rental longer, you will give them half price on those additional nights. 
  • Advertise on Google Ads
  • Do some free advertising in Facebook Groups.
  • Advertise a special 7 day rental deal.

Hope this helps!


These are great tips! Thank you! 

Always glad to help!