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 Hi there we are renting rookies. Is it normal to have a booking sit at pending for more than 10 days?


Weekend warrior

What that means is that the booking was not accepted by the potential renter.  It does not block your calendar though! 

So what if you have someone request a booking that has dates that overlap?  If I approve both; then what?  Does the system tell them that its no longer available?  As someone that is new to this endeavor I have lost some rentals not wanting to over book and then have a problem.   

Community Manager
Community Manager

@AMW79 if you get one booking for a specific listing and then block out your calendar you shouldn't be able to get requests that overlap blocked dates. If you didn't block out your calendar and approved both then you're going to need to pivot and explain that you accidentally double booked and potentially do a mutual cancellation with one of them.

So if you have two requests for the same days, personally I always go to the first person that requested and touch base with them.  If it’s been a while and the first requester hasn’t actually booked, say 3-4 days, I would send a short message like - Just checking in to see if you were planning on booking.  I have someone else interested in these dates.  If I don’t hear from you by X (give a short time 8-10 hours) the camper may be booked and not available for your dates.   

if it’s been a week or more and you haven’t heard from the first person - I would say it’s safe to assume they will not be booking.  If you called an airline and asked about rates and waited two weeks to then call back and book - you are running the risk of that flight no longer being available.  You wouldn’t expect the airline to hold your seat for weeks while you decide.  

Also keep in mind that usually when you approve a quote - it still sends it back to the renter for final approval. It can be quite common for a renter to send a request and then choose not to book.  As for the 2nd person - I would advise that you had someone interested in the same dates but haven’t booked yet but are checking with them and will let them know I’m tomorrow/in the morning etc.