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Hi!  We are considering renting out our travel trailer but not sure what the market is like in our area.  Is there anyway to talk to other owners in specifically in our area?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @ataylor, I'd recommend taking a look at the listings in your area from the renter's perspective. You can see what in the area is similar to your rig and what their nightly rates are to get a good idea.


I'm in the same situation as @ataylor, thinking about listing our teardrop trailer. I've done what you suggest @Kameron and checked out the other listings in the area to get a sense of prices and the different vehicles which is super helpful. How can I get a sense of how often, at least approximately, these trailers are being rented? This is really help our decision.

@alexsgrande just responded to your post about this here.

Day-tripper III

Before starting, I searched OD and messaged each owner with a message like, "Hi, you have a great rig!  I'm actually not interested in renting your RV, I'm thinking about getting into the market myself.  Would you be willing to share a little of your experience with me?  I won't take more than 5 minutes of your time."  Amazingly, I had probably 50% or more of the people I messaged respond, and several people gave me a good deal of their time and shared numbers and insight with me.  Absolutely made a BIG difference in getting a strong start!