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Contract with renters

I am intending to rent out my 2013 Class C Coachmen, Freelander and believe I understand the basic principles here with Outdoorsy. My main concern is actually the agreement between the renter and me. I believe that on the Outdoorsy platform, we can l...

Do you Tell the Renters...?

We've posted previously about RV Tracking devices (we use one and so far like it). If you use/were to use a tracker, would you tell the renter? Ours is VERY hard to find and wired in such a way that even if the battery is removed, we'd still get noti...

Rental inquiry @ links to Illinois members

Hello, I have a 3 day/2 night inquiry to rent that needs delivery to Miller Beach in Indiana for the 5/30 weekend that I cannot fulfill for her at this time. If any member is interested, contact me thru Outdoorsy or email- Thanks,Br...

bnaused by Day-tripper
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New Travel Trailer Owners!

Hello fellow RV & trailer owners! So happy to be apart of this community. My partner and I are brand new to the this world. We recently listed our travel tailer on here and have yet to receive any serious inquiries. Any tips for when you are first st...

Unsafe Tow Vehicle & Experience = Permanently Blocked Dates?

New to the site. 2nd rental. Had an elderly gentleman rent my 22ft camper to travel the perimeter of the western US starting in Louisiana to California, up to Oregon, to the Dakotas and back down. This is fine except for two things. 1. He wanted to d...

Rental Agreement

Hello. Does any one use a rent agreement in addition to the one on Outdoorsy? I have an Airbnb and after talking with a lawyer about renting my home to short term guests, I was enlightened by the amount to liability I was exposed to. Airbnb does a gr...

pbrepp by Day-tripper
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RV/Van washing policies during drought

Living in California we are heading into drought and already have water restrictions. I won't be able to wash my camper vans as often as I have been and wonder how others are thinking about handling this. I'm thinking of adding a note to our listings...

corwyn74 by Day-tripper II
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What am I doing wrong?

Hello,I have my camper listed on two different sites. Oudoorsy and another... On the other site, I'm getting tons of rentals, but on Outdoorsey I'm getting nothing. Both ads are identical. In fact, the only request I've received on Outdoorsy was for ...

Gadabout by Day-tripper II
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Question. Do you all require renters to use your propane tanks? Or do you allow them to use their own?

Wanted owner feedback

Hello! We are strongly considering renting our RV on this platform, however would like some feedback from owners already renting. How often do you get booked up? Is it pretty steady clientele?Thanks! Any feedback is welcomed! Thanks again, Sean and R...

Renter's Manual

I'm trying to create a manual for our renters and I found that Outdoorsy has one linked within a blog post but it is password protected. I have requested the password but have not heard anything. Does anyone have an example you wouldn't mind sharing ...

RV Trackers

For those of you tracking your RV while rented (and in case of theft, etc.), who are you using and how is that working out for you? Up until now, all of our rentals to date have been local - none more than 4-5 days, so we've not really had much conce...

Manufacturers Quality

Just wondering how many others have found manufacturers commitment to quality falling short. My first 2007 28 ft trailer never gave me a day of grief and never had an issue with it’s build or functionality. My second purchase of a 2019 38’ was riddle...

WolfPaw by Day-tripper III
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Review of the Outdoorsy Platform Guide

With all of the difference platforms currently utilised by renters and owners I have found Outdoorsy's to be the most robust of its kind. I have a review on the Outdoorsy page and on the community forum as well as my personal. Garrett Lombardi @Garre...

Using the App for Key Handoff and Returns

Has anyone else had issues using the app to do a key handoff or return? I was unable to use the key handoff on my mobile phone, it would not advance past the photographs. On the return I was not comfortable using it because I needed to add additional...

AndrewPNW by Day-tripper II
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Looking for your thoughts if this would help.....

Just an idea.... Hoping for your thoughts and input.... As an RV owner who rents to people you don't really know, wouldn't it be good to have a nice professional "Dealership" type property you can tell your clients to meet you? Even better, what if y...

RVGuy6590 by Day-tripper II
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Trailers Vs. Campervants?

What's the best return on investment? We currently rent out an airstream, tow vehicle, and an overland Jeep. We get the airstream booked the most of course, but we're considering getting another camping vehicle and aren't sure what to go with. On one...

Search Engine

Anyone figure out how the search results are figured? I see Rv's with 10+ positive reviews lower in the results than ones with less and worse reviews, I had an agent work through our listing and say everything looks great but we still appear on page ...

Great Idea

I am excited to be part of this! I'm just wondering how this differs from the Facebook Outdoorsy group??

PapaBear by Day-tripper
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Dealing with reviews

So, out of MANY rentals on Outdoorsy and the "other site" that rhymes with "marvey smare", we have only ONE not so good review. It was submitted at the very end of the open period by our renters and we saw it AFTER we could respond or make a correspo...

SRA and E-Sign

I was more active last year on "the other platform that rents". I didn't like their method of departure/return paperwork, so Imported into docusign and had everything e-signed day of pickup and return. I add that to the expenses for the year on taxes...


This just something I want to bring up for the good of the group. We try our best not to give out our address before pickup, but when renters have booked, the address is inevitable. Our travel trailer was stolen right off our driveway late one night....

Chasing Payment For Outdoorsy?

Hi All- I was going to call support with this yesterday, but perhaps it might be more productive to get answers here. Outdoorsy sent me an email saying "An upcoming rental has not completed payment or a driver check- please reach out to the customer ...

Screen Shot 2021-04-30 at 10.06.09 AM.png

Renter's with inadequate tow vehicles...

Hello everyone, when is it okay to let renter's know if we believe their tow vehicle is not up to the job to pulling our trailer's? My trailer weighs 4,100 lb empty and I get a lot of people with midsize trucks wanting to pull it... I know a Toyota T...

F150fan by Day-tripper
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Resolved! Insurance Providers

Hello everyone, I am looking for your advice on insurance providers to use in addition to the platform insurance. Thanks in advance!

maasseen by Day-tripper II
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Protip: Avoid using Mechanical Issues as a cancellation reason

My RV recently blew a hydraulic line while out on a rental. As a precaution I reached out to the next renter to let them know there was a mechanical issue and I wasn't sure if I could get it fixed in time. I cancelled the reservation and used the Mec...

TALLBOY by Day-tripper
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I am very excited to get started renting out some of my vintage campers/ RVs ! Has anyone ever had any issues with damages on their older rentals?

Fake reasons for cancellations

So I'm curious if anyone else has had this issue... we had a renter who wanted to cancel because the plans for their group changed. It was less than a week before departure so the cancellation fee would be applied. We do a moderate plan for cancellat...

hyakhouse by Day-tripper II
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Communication policy

Hello,Hopefully this is appropriate for this forum.I'm not sure how to proceed. I've been apprehensive about getting a client that does not keep in contact.I have a client (I like client better than renter) who booked for Memorial Day Weekend back in...

youngins by Day-tripper
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So excited!

This is going to be a fantastic resource. So stoked! Welcome everyone.