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This just something I want to bring up for the good of the group. We try our best not to give out our address before pickup, but when renters have booked, the address is inevitable. Our travel trailer was stolen right off our driveway late one night....

Chasing Payment For Outdoorsy?

Hi All- I was going to call support with this yesterday, but perhaps it might be more productive to get answers here. Outdoorsy sent me an email saying "An upcoming rental has not completed payment or a driver check- please reach out to the customer ...

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Renter's with inadequate tow vehicles...

Hello everyone, when is it okay to let renter's know if we believe their tow vehicle is not up to the job to pulling our trailer's? My trailer weighs 4,100 lb empty and I get a lot of people with midsize trucks wanting to pull it... I know a Toyota T...

F150fan by Day-tripper
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Resolved! Insurance Providers

Hello everyone, I am looking for your advice on insurance providers to use in addition to the platform insurance. Thanks in advance!

maasseen by Day-tripper III
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Protip: Avoid using Mechanical Issues as a cancellation reason

My RV recently blew a hydraulic line while out on a rental. As a precaution I reached out to the next renter to let them know there was a mechanical issue and I wasn't sure if I could get it fixed in time. I cancelled the reservation and used the Mec...

TALLBOY by Day-tripper
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I am very excited to get started renting out some of my vintage campers/ RVs ! Has anyone ever had any issues with damages on their older rentals?

Fake reasons for cancellations

So I'm curious if anyone else has had this issue... we had a renter who wanted to cancel because the plans for their group changed. It was less than a week before departure so the cancellation fee would be applied. We do a moderate plan for cancellat...

hyakhouse by Day-tripper II
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Communication policy

Hello,Hopefully this is appropriate for this forum.I'm not sure how to proceed. I've been apprehensive about getting a client that does not keep in contact.I have a client (I like client better than renter) who booked for Memorial Day Weekend back in...

youngins by Day-tripper
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So excited!

This is going to be a fantastic resource. So stoked! Welcome everyone.