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How have you forecasted expenses (and income)?

I'm about to get into hosting, and am looking to do some projections on costs associated with RV rental for our Ford Transit camper van.I've done some research on my local market to assess the average rental price, # of reviews, etc, so I have a ball...

crixlet by Day-tripper
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Is anyone else really slow right now? I haven't had any bookings since summer. I'm wondering when does it usually pick up.

App or Full site?

I find the full site more user friendly. Today, when preparing for a delivery I'm unable to reach the full site. It automatically sends me to the app. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Fleetwood by Day-tripper II
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Suggest a Sleeping Bag

A suggestion that always gets praise.Suggest a sleeping bag rather than having to makeup the dinette or sofa each day.

Fleetwood by Day-tripper II
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Challenges with RV fridge with renter on the road

Hello,My second renter unfortunately encountered an issue with some bad fridge aroma. The fridge works on Propane, but the smell turns them off. I honestly didn’t notice it as an issue. I am not quite sure what I can do. The last renters didn’t repor...

bbobich by Day-tripper II
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Resolved! Aggressive breeds of pets to avoid?

Does anyone have a list of specific breeds of pets that you tend to avoid? Just had a rental request with a Rottweiler, and I'm a little leery about it. Wondering if I'm just over worrying? Thanks!

Other Vehicles?

Outdoorsy won't respond to emails, so I'm wondering if the community can help, though Outdoorsy not responding is kind of a red flag...I have an SUV set up for Overlanding and an off-road trailer set up for Overlanding. Wondering if it's possible to ...

MikeH by Day-tripper
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Delivery fee

Hello, a newbie here. I have been so far very lucky with my renters. I can't not complain. I do have a question. Today was my second booking so we agreed to deliver the TT set it up and ready for renters to enjoy it. Since this was our first time I h...

Tina by Day-tripper
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Google form to organize your bookings

For those folks who offer different amenities and have multiple units, I’ve found Google forms to be incredibly useful. The renter’s responses automatically populate into a Google spreadsheet. Information I ask about includes: number of camp chairs, ...

Renter Insurance?

I've just noticed tonight that when i send a quote the $59 insurance is automatically selected.Has the insurance gone up?Is this the new minimum?I think it was a better system letting the renter select which package they want during the booking proce...

Macodiva by Day-tripper II
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Newbie in need

I’m newly registered with outdoorsy and I am looking for someone in the League City area who can help me with my online account set up. The coach was great but I couldn’t keep my computer up and running.

Onaca by Day-tripper
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Looking for other owners of utility trailers

Does anyone else use the platform for utility trailers? I have mine listed and have not had any interest yet... But hoping this is a new opportunity for some of you to make some extra money as well!

maasseen by Day-tripper III
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Resolved! $1k credit giveaway - Outdoorsy campsite contest

$1k credit giveaway - Outdoorsy campsite contest We're kicking things up a notch from our previous contests! In this series, we're going to ask you to share something about yourself because we want learn more about all of our amazing Outdoorsy owners...

Kameron by Community Manager
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Outdoorsy Webinar- Marketing + Photos

Did you miss the live marketing + photos webinar? Not to worry, you can watch the recording of it here. One of our awesome listing coaches Kelly covers how to use social media to market your listing and how great photos mean more bookings. Use the li...

outdoorsy logo dog.jpg
kmallinson by Community Manager
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Resolved! Toll not paid by renters

We are dealing with a mess from our previous renters. They did about 8k in damages in addition to the lack of common courtesy of emptying the black tank, refueling, etc It has been about a month and we just received an invoice for an unpaid toll. Gra...

MistyJ by Day-tripper
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Delivery at camp grounds

Hello! I am renting my RV for the first time and they have selected delivery. It says they chose arrival at 3:00 on day of delivery and then 11am the day I pick it up. How does everyone go about coordinating this with the campgrounds so that you don’...

Bobette by Day-tripper
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Resolved! Questions to Ask Renters

Good morning, Outdoorsy professionals! I was curious if anyone has a consolidated list of questions you ask your potential renters so help ensure you get quality renters and avoid potential trouble. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

lordgrape by Day-tripper
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Win a getaway with KOA

Hey owners, Outdoorsy is teaming up with KOA to send you to Music City! Click here for your chance to a 3-night stay at Nashville’s KOA Resort in one of Outdoorsy’s best available accommodations + bonus amenities to give you the complete Nashville KO...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Outdoorsy swag contest - upgrades/renovations

Outdoorsy swag contest Time for another swag contest! Everyone seemed excited about the idea of getting Outdoorsy swag so we want to give away more!In this series, we're going to ask you to share something about yourself because we want learn more ab...

Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 11.52.34 AM.png
Kameron by Community Manager
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Figuring out how often trailer will get rented

New owner of a teardrop trailer here and am looking into listing on Outdoorsy.My main question right now is if we do list on Outdoorsy, how often will our trailer will get rented? Looking for a general "ballpark" figure.I realize a lot of this has to...


How do i pause bookings for the winter once i winterize the rv?

New to this and need advice before registering our travel trailer

Haven’t registered yet… our trailer is sitting at our seasonal park not really getting much use. I’m still new myself to a lot of the maintenance and pulling the trailer. So I was wondering, for newbies, how do you go about maintaining, storing, or d...

moochr50 by Day-tripper II
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RV Sites Long Term

Are there any free or really low cost for rv sites for long term in new Jersey

Holly78 by Day-tripper
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Hi! We are considering renting out our travel trailer but not sure what the market is like in our area. Is there anyway to talk to other owners in specifically in our area?

ataylor by Day-tripper
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Resolved! Outdoorsy swag contest - rig names

Outdoorsy swag contest Everyone seemed excited about the idea of getting an Outdoorsy t-shirt so we want to give away more! Introducing our new Owner Community contests.In this series, we're going to ask you to share something about yourself because ...

Kameron by Community Manager
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