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Hello!  On a recent rental, an unexpected storm came through in the middle of the night and destroyed our awning.  The renter knew to retract it, but it truly was an unexpected cell that hit at about 4 am, so I don't fault them.  I have filed a claim for replacement, but my question is this- do other owners feel that awnings are a "must" to get renters?  I was contemplating just providing a popup canopy instead, for cost and ease of replacement.  I'm hoping my claim is covered, but just thinking about plan B, if it isn't.  Thanks!  


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Hey there! I'm so sorry to hear about your awning. Such a bummer! There's a good percentage of owners that don't allow renters to use awnings since they can be damaged so easily. Offering an E-Z Up or something like that is a great option! Most renters are pretty understanding once you tell them how easy they are to break and how expensive they are to replace. 

Weekend warrior

Unfortunately I would be surprised if the awning is covered.  It is usually only covered if it’s part of a collision.  I allowing awning usage but advise all renters that insurance often doesn’t cover it - so you break it you buy it.  I always tell them that if they are out underneath it, they can use it but otherwise it must be rolled in.  

Day-tripper II

I had a similar situation, except I had a reservation already when the awning came back destroyed.  I notified the next renter of the damage and told him I would buy a pop up canopy or would let them cancel the reservation.  They said the canopy would be fine and the rental went off without issue.