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Awning Use


I'm a new owner/member and I wonder what experience other owners have with allowing (or not allowing) renters use the awning.


Weekend warrior II

I allow awning use but I know many do not. When I do my walk through I tell them I allow it but that insurance often does not cover it if they leave it out and it’s damaged - you break it you buy it.  I also give them a guesstimate on replacement cost - $3-$4k. I advise them that it should only be out if they are out underneath it - it takes 15 seconds to roll in so if they are going inside or walking away - it needs to be rolled in.  In 5 years this has served me well and have only had one awning damaged but it was hit by another camper so no the renters “fault”. 

Thanks!  This is very helpful.


This is good to know. I honestly didn't even take this into consideration. I'm new to this as well and have alot of learning to do.

Day-tripper III

Insurance will cover it, but they will inspect the fabric and they may not cover it at 100%  If they break it, they need to bring back as much of it as posible.