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Adjusting Pickup & Dropoff Times

Day-tripper II

I'm looking to adjust my pickup and drop-off times on my listing, but I can't seem to find where that's listed. Got my first 3 confirmed bookings and Im already realizing that my 9-5 job gets in the way... dont they all?? Thanks!!


Community Manager
Community Manager

@jmalek11 so you aren't able to set the times on the listing (although we've heard this request before so I'll add this to the list of feedback for our product teams). The default times are set by Outdoorsy at 3 pm for the departure and 11 am for the return. However, when you send a quote to a renter you can adjust the times there. Owners can also put their preferred pickup and dropoff times in the FAQ section of their listing.

excellent.... Thanks!

When I've sent quotes to people through InstaMatch I dont see a spot to adjust the times... I will definitely add it to my FAQ though


Host feedback here. Would love to see that feature. These times do not work for us either and seem to cause the need for an additional conversation with the renters that’s not necessary.