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Adding nights at a discount

Day-tripper II

I have a renter that wants to add a day at the beginning of their trip and another one at the end of the trip, mainly for pick up and delivery of the rig.  I would like to give him a discount/free day as far as the rental fee, but not the insurance charges.  Anyone know how or if that can be done?


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Hey there! This can most definitely be done. The quickest way to do this is to give customer support a call at 1(877)723-7232 or use the chat feature. They will be able to make this change for you! 

Thanks, I did call yesterday and got this taken care of.  The renter replied to the authorization email, but the change still doesn't show on the calendar or the booking.  When might that occur since the change has them picking up tomorrow?

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I just reached out to CS and had them update the trip! They should be good to go now.