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Add-On Issue After Last Update

Weekend warrior

We discovered, after the last update, that some of our renters were choosing our black & gray water dumpage fee add-on but that instead of it automatically being included in their original purchase price (as it used to be), it was suddenly a "pay at the end" situation. 

The problem with that? 

Any post-rental charges have to pay Outdoorsy's 2.95% processing fee-- which really sucks for the owner AND the renter.

Either I have to charge them the 2.95%, or we have to pay them (we chose to pay them ourselves when it came to those who chose the tank dumpage option but were expected to pay the fee afterward-- because that just isn't right!)

On the renter's side, however, they were adding sewage dumps (for example), and it was showing as "FREE" on their end! So imagine how it must've looked to them when I would have to charge them our $50 add-on fee when they originally *saw* that it was a $50 fee, but when they went to check out, it read as *FREE"!! (Super confusing for anyone!)

So when I had to tell them that they actually owed the dumpage fee, I couldn't also charge them the processing fee, so we were out that fee. The processing fee, which actually really adds up when the clock is ticking cuz you're not at work but, instead, you're waiting 45 minutes to dump a renter's black & gray tanks, is very annoying, at that point, as you can imagine. 

However, along with an Outdoorsy rep, we finally discovered that ALL of our add-ons (post-update) were checked as "paid upon return" (though we DID NOT choose that option at all), and we were out the processing fee once the issue was brought to their attention, the crew at Outdoorsy made it right and gave us a more than fair compensation on their end. 

So, to all of the Outdoorsy crew, from the call-in customer service (front line) to the back of the house (tech) to the on-field customer support (those here in the forum), and everyone in-between, basically, to all who help us day to day, thank you! 

You all do a fantastic job of helping us make a better camping experience for our renters, and I, for one, appreciate the support! 


Community Manager
Community Manager

@Clan_Graham Hey there! I am glad to hear that our customer support team was able to help you out with these add- on issues. I'll be sure to pass on the compliment to the support team! Thanks for choosing Outdoorsy- we're glad to have you here.