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6.5% quote Program


New Owner here- Just had my first rental pickup last night so we'll see how that turns out! I had a question about the 6.5% quote program and hoped someone might clarify it for me. I tried asking customer support and they said to ask here and really couldn't give me specifics. I tried to do a test quote and it was still charging the Outdoorsy fee and 20% commision. Does that stay like that until the renter accepts the quote and then change to the updated numbers at that time? If so, how does the renter know they will have their fees waived? Thanks for the help on this. I would like to put this out there to try and get more rentals. 

Thank you. 



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there @ddrakep76 
From the information I have, the discount doesn't apply until the booking is confirmed. The renter will be able to see on their booking receipt and on the booking itself that their service fee is waived.


What are the mechanics of making this work?  My understanding the renter can only get this discount and the owner has the reduced fee if the renter has been referred by the owner.  How do we make this happen?  Like the original post, I am about to post my unit on other media and want to make sure I know how to handle this for both the renter and my benefit.