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Community Manager

This is one for the Outdoorsy support team. You’ll need documentation of all the additional charges, including the signed RV Return Form. Go to your Outdoorsy dashboard and select “Manage Security Deposit” on the specific booking to claim the full security deposit. Then reach out to Outdoorsy support via phone, chat or email and let them know that you have additional charges that are over the security deposit.

Once they’ve determined the validity of the charges, they’ll charge the renter and the payment will post to your account.

Based on feedback from the Outdoorsy community, we recently updated the process for collecting additional fees and filing a claim.

  1. The security deposit will auto-release if no claim is filed after 7 days. No action is needed by owner.
  2. If a claim is indicated within the 2-day time frame, the security deposit will be retained for 30 days instead of 7 days.
  3. If an owner wishes to release the deposit earlier, they can contact or 1-877-723-7232 and Outdoorsy will release the funds.
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