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How to create an add-on to your listing

There are many different services that owners offer at an extra price. Cleaning fees, pet fees, additional camping gear, surf boards, bicycles and delivery fees are just a few examples of additional services that owners like to add. The best way to charge for those is to create add-ons to your listing. You can make these add-ons selectable during the checkout process or you can make them mandatory on each booking. 

Follow these steps to create an add-on: 

  1. Select the applicable listing by clicking on listings at the top of your owner dashboard. 
  2. On the left hand side of your screen, select Add-ons 
  3. Click on “Add new Add-on”
  4. Create a name and description for your add-on, a price and whether it will be a daily charge, a required charge and or paid upon return. 
  5. Press on save add-on. 

Your add on will now appear at the bottom of your listing so that renters can take a look at the extras you offer! 

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