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Text Spam coincidental to my host/owner-membership

Firstly, the "Chat, email or call" link at the bottom of each webpage is unresponsive; same for the "Give us feedback" link.And so, I must start this thread instead of communicating directly with Outdoorsy IT.Prior to working with Outdoorsy, exclusiv...

Resolved! Fake Rental Requests

We have been getting a ton of requests for our travel trailer. We have it on manual approval so when we approve it, it goes back to renter for their approval. Then, it stays on pending for days only to expire without a completed booking. However, dur...

Health coverage?

So I am looking into renting out a travel trailer but was concerned about medical coverage and being sued over somebody getting hurt on my cape because they slipped or fell off the stairs. Any advice y’all can give me? This is what outdoorsy said. I’...

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DannyP by Day-tripper
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Generator use while occupants sleep

We have our first rental later this month. Our renter is not sure that they will have hook-ups and plans to run the generator at night for the air conditioning. Our Thor manual states "never sleep with the generator running". Our RV is equipped with ...

Resolved! Outdoorsy, what are the limits of an SRA?

I’m looking for an official word on the financial penalty limits of SRA’s. Over on the official Facebook owners group, time and time again I’m seeing people posting about their intention to seize entire security deposits for what amounts to absolutel...

Is it OK to list the same RV in two geographic areas?

Is it OK to list the same RV in two geographic areas? I don’t mean listing the same RV for six months “up north” and then for six months in Florida. I’m wondering if the same RV can be listed in one city and then listed in a different city that is 20...

FFRV by Day-tripper III
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Dealing with reviews

So, out of MANY rentals on Outdoorsy and the "other site" that rhymes with "marvey smare", we have only ONE not so good review. It was submitted at the very end of the open period by our renters and we saw it AFTER we could respond or make a correspo...