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Finding a low(er) finance rate for your RV

I live in Minnesota. We have a credit union that serves Minnesota and Wisconsin residents that has recreational vehicle loan rates for 48 months at just 4.39%. 63 month loans are 4.64%. Another regional credit union had 4.19% apr on 48-60 month loans...

jim_hofer by Weekend warrior
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Generator use while occupants sleep

We have our first rental later this month. Our renter is not sure that they will have hook-ups and plans to run the generator at night for the air conditioning. Our Thor manual states "never sleep with the generator running". Our RV is equipped with ...

Resolved! Las Vegas Service Providers for 90-day Maintenance Check?

Hello to any Las Vegas, NV Outdoorsy owners (and to all others who can weigh in on this topic)! Are there any specific Las Vegas / Henderson service providers you use for the 90-day maintenance check? Can we just go to our RV dealer to have that done...

Alaska Renting

Hello, I am new to the whole renting thing here. I was wondering if anyone here rent's out in Alaska and what to expect and when does it start to get busy? Thank you

Boost Winter Rentals

Hi all,Recently bought a newly converted camper van to rent via Outdoorsy and use for family trips now and then. I decided to buy know fully knowing that I probably wouldn't get much traffic or bookings in the winter. However, it would be nice to get...

bking2014 by Day-tripper
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