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Resolved! How to change an accepted quote (modify add-ons)?

Hey! How do you change a quote that has been accepted and paid for? My renters want to remove an add-on and I'm fine with it. They are picking up the RV tomorrow and I can't seem to find where to do this myself or where to contact Outdoorsy's custome...

Resolved! how to offer frends and family discount

Hi! Wondering how (and how much) to offer as a friends and family discount? I don't actually know how to reduce the rental fee for specific people! Thanks for help.

DD by Day-tripper
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Resolved! dumping questions

1. how do we search for places renters can dump (we have a booking that is at someones home to use as extra bedrooms coming up) I think we will probaby end up dumping/cleaning this booking- I would like to set that up sooner rather then later.2. how ...

Resolved! Price Confusion

Hell, I am pretty new to Outdoorsy but have had a problem come up twice in the last week and have lost a rental both times because of it. I have had people wanting to reserve my TT. We make contact, chat a bit, ask questions and feel comfortable. The...

kim_paar by Day-tripper II
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Holiday Pricing

Hi, im brand new to renting out our trailer, is there a way to set different nightly prices for certain holidays?

Prep Fees... what are those?

Hi everyone,Newbie here and curious about the new "prep fees". Do you use them, and if so - what are those? Aren't they included in the rental price? Seems a little strange, no?Thanks!

DachaLite by Day-tripper II
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Burning Man 2022

It looks like Burning Man is back on for 2022 after a 2 year hiatus. Just a reminder that people from all over will be looking to rent your RV's/trailers. This happens over Labor Day Weekend so look for people that want to rent over that weekend and ...

Boost Winter Rentals

Hi all,Recently bought a newly converted camper van to rent via Outdoorsy and use for family trips now and then. I decided to buy know fully knowing that I probably wouldn't get much traffic or bookings in the winter. However, it would be nice to get...

bking2014 by Day-tripper
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Resolved! Toll not paid by renters

We are dealing with a mess from our previous renters. They did about 8k in damages in addition to the lack of common courtesy of emptying the black tank, refueling, etc It has been about a month and we just received an invoice for an unpaid toll. Gra...

MistyJ by Day-tripper
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