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Renters Insurance Cost Prohibitive??

Is anyone losing renters due to the high cost of the insurance? I just started renting my travel trailer a week ago and the two bookings I have are likely to cancel now due to the insurance cost? Has anyone else experienced this? We're you able to fi...

jprizzia by Day-tripper
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What if someone hurts themselves in your camper?

I had a random friend ask me, what if someone hurt themselves in your rental? Meaning the faucet started leaking and they slipped and hurt themselves? Or the pilot light caught the camper on fire and they got burned or worse. Are we subject to a laws...


so, I noticed that our deductible varies from 500 to 1500, I know $500 is much more desirable, but not if a thousand bucks comes out of our pockets. Is it the renters abstract that determines the deductible? & if so, they should be adjusting this for...

Jan by Day-tripper
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Add insurance option

Can I accept a booking that the renter has not chosen insurance option and add it before final booking? I want to go forward but need need to certain insurance is selected.

When to file a claim.

I'm fairly new and my first renter is in full swing. This morning she text me, that my (brand new) portable tank tire blew. I already ordered the tires bc I have another renter 3 days later. So my question is do you always file claims on any addition...


Health coverage?

So I am looking into renting out a travel trailer but was concerned about medical coverage and being sued over somebody getting hurt on my cape because they slipped or fell off the stairs. Any advice y’all can give me? This is what outdoorsy said. I’...

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DannyP by Day-tripper
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Business Insurance

Hey there!We're just getting started here. We plan to rent our Sprinter while its up for sale. Does anyone have experience with this?A few scenarios come up with this like:*what should we do about business insurance when there will be insurance with ...

Robert by Day-tripper
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Roamly Insurance Clause allowing rental for personal policy

Hi We are new to Outdoorsy and RV insurance. We have a personal policy with Roamly. Is there a clause that we need to look for in our policy to ensure we are able to rent out our RV? I just want to be sure we understand. We know they can not use our ...

DeeJay by Day-tripper II
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Resolved! un-verified driver

How long after booking, or how soon until departure should I wait until I reach out to someone about getting verified? I know the booking says I don't have to do anything, but I would like to gently reming them to get verified, so the insurance cover...

Tow Vehicle Insurance

Hello, Does any body offer a tow vehicle for rent when renting their trailer? I was planning to do that, but I talked to my insurance company (GEICO) and they said that if I offered my vehicle for rent it would violate the terms of my auto policy wit...

Outdoorsy Canada insurance update

Hey there Outdoorsy Canadians, We’re excited to introduce a personal insurance policy for your RV that allows you to rent — thanks to our partner Roamly. Roamly now enables you to get insurance through their Canada-based partner, Aon. Here’s how to g...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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