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Who takes consignments


I have a ‘21 Opus OP4 trailer that I rent out in Colorado. I’m looking for a place to send it as a consignment in the winter that has year round camping. 

If you would be interested in taking on our trailer as a consignment through the winter months, send me an email.


Here’s a link to our current listing if you want to see pictures:




Hi how are you. I am a renter in Lubbock Texas. My wife and I moved here 3 moths ago, funny enough from Thornton, Co. Just 30 minutes from where you are now. Colorado is just getting to the peak of camping season. When are you looking to move it to a more year round climate?

Small, world. I actually grew up in Amarillo. I would be looking more towards October, I just thought I would start the conversation now so I can make sure I can plan the trip to take it wherever I ultimately need to. 

Hi Damiang51, if you're still looking for consignments, I will have a couple units coming from Washington DC that would be great to rent in Texas in the winter months.

Weekend warrior

We only take long term consignments. Seasonal consignments aren’t very profitable. 

The two main reasons is because people saturate the southern markets by sending their rigs south. So the competition is high. 

The second reason is because the market gets saturated, your vehicle (a “new” listing with 0 reviews) gets buried in the search results. 

Rarely are seasonal consignments profitable. 

Day-tripper III

I am highly interested with a partnership. I am in Washington and my business model supports consignment. I am currently working on two pieces of property by the owners and am in partnership with them. Any thing I can do to help you through the slow months I'm your man. It's about a 21 hour drive but well worth it. 

Day-tripper II

Hi @ajneely we are based in San Diego, CA and are happy to take in Consignments.  Can share analytics currently over 175+ reservations to date in 2021 on our active units.  not sure if links are allowed here but you can search the web for: Stress Free RVs to see our current fleet and get direct contact info in having a conversation.

your unit is a bit unique and could get a lot of attention for boondockers and dry camping in the desert and BLM areas around here.  Would need to have a conversation in reviewing expectations and go over details if it's something you're interested in.

- Mike
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