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Disapointing year

Day-tripper III

This has been a disappointing season.  I had to cancel multiple rentals due to $23K in damages that I did to my class C!  It took 2 months in the shop to get it back, and then on its end-of-season rental, the fridge ammonia tank let go, flooding the RV with ammonia Gas.  Had a large refund on that one. My tiny trailer rented well, but at only $89 per night, it does not bring in much.  It more than pays for itself, but my Class C is the real money maker.  I have sent it to Phoenix for the winter, so hopefully, it brings me some money this winter.  The really sad thing is that over the last 2 years, the number of bookings that I have received for Outdoorsy has dropped dramatically.  I have almost all my bookings from a site that charges way too much and offers way too little.  Looking forward to next season.