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Community Manager
Community Manager
We're passionate about bringing together RV owners who want to share ideas, best practices, or new experiences as they build out their own businesses on Outdoorsy. Here's what we expect from all of our community members.

This group is not the best place for if you have a personal customer support issue. Please call 877-723-7232, use the chat feature on our site, or email 

This group is not the best place if you have a claims, dispute or arbitration issue. Please email or call 877-723-7232. We cannot comment on any of these cases in this community due to confidentiality. These posts will removed.
The rules are pretty simple.
  • Share with us! Tell us your favorite stories, best practices, your insights and tips for success.
  • Stay on topic about RVing and renting out your RV as much as possible. (We know that’s a wide range of topics!) We want to make this a focused place of learning and entrepreneurship.
  • Engage in positive and respectful dialogue. Remember, we're all Outdoorsy types here and we're all here to learn. No personal comments. This includes your language when referring to renters. Renter bashing, retaliatory language or defamation is not welcome here. You are free to ask for the community's guidance or advice in a respectful manner.
  • This is a politics-free zone. No exceptions, memes included.
  • Do not post purely promotional or advertising links. This includes GoFundMe or other charity based campaigns or personal businesses outside of Outdoorsy.
  • We are here to talk about the Outdoorsy platform. Please keep competitor references at a minimum and relevant to using Outdoorsy.

  • We do not allow posts regarding claims, disputes, or arbitration in this community.

Also, have fun! Can we say that after sharing the rules? It is an important one, though.

Feedback is very welcome! Start a conversation with us here, or by emailing

We're so glad you're here!
💚Team Outdoorsy 
1 Comment
Day-tripper III

Team Outdoorsy you rock. We need more support for owners especially during a claim. However, so far, I've always had a response from the live chat or phone call. Great job 👏