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Community Manager
Community Manager

Announcing that Outdoorsy owners can now add a “state fee” to their listings via the pricing page.









This feature is intended strictly for hosts who live in states where there is a daily fee or tax assessed for rentals. This will be used to collect that fee. Most owners will not need this (in which case they should just keep the switch off).

For example, motor vehicle rentals in Colorado are required to collect $2 per day from the renter and be listed separately as the “Colorado Road Safety Program Fee” on the contract. Owners in CO will enter that as the name, along with any description you choose to add as context for the renter, and a price of $2 per day.

The state fee is NOT meant to be used for cleaning fees or other required charges. It should only be used to collect fees mandated by state governments. All other required charges should be assessed as part of the prep fee, which can also be found on the pricing page. This will help avoid a confusing renter experience with multiple required fees listed on a rental.

Lastly, the state fee is NOT meant to be used for sales tax.