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Community Manager
Community Manager
In this Ask Me Anything session members of our Outdoorsy marketing team came online to discuss some different strategies for marketing your RV rentals. You can access the recording here: AMA recording - Marketing your rental to get more bookings.

In this AMA we cover things like:
  • How to set up your listing and stand out from the competition
  • How to use social media
  • Google page setup and general marketing tactics
  • Things we've seen other successful owners do
    • Bonus Tip: One thing we forgot to mention that we've seen owners do and have success with, is reaching out to all past renters with a repeat discount. This can be whatever amount you're comfortable with and can be a great way to fill in some gaps in your booking calendar. Richard covers creating discounts in the AMA, but you can also read the steps for creating discounts in this article here: How do I create a discount code?

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