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Hi! We are considering renting out our travel trailer but not sure what the market is like in our area. Is there anyway to talk to other owners in specifically in our area?

ataylor by Drifter
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Outdoorsy swag contest

Outdoorsy swag contest Everyone seemed excited about the idea of getting an Outdoorsy t-shirt so we want to give away more! Introducing our new Owner Community contests.In this series, we're going to ask you to share something about yourself because ...

Kameron by Community Manager
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Question on Charges to Renters

My renter returned my hybrid camper yesterday and was EXTREMLY late, which I am ok with, however I did tell them that I have a renter the next day so would need it back by 3pm. They showed up at 7pm. The finally shared with me about an hour out that ...

Unfortunate Rental Experience

I'm here to share a very unfortunate experience. I have rented my travel trailer 5 times now. The first four were wonderful. This last time threw me for a loop. This is going to be a very long post. My most recent rental was a man who was taking his ...

KrystalP by Day-tripper II
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Post Covid rental

We are new RV owners in Florida. We would like to rent our RV and I was wondering if your rental business is slowing down due to people traveling again and covid not being an issue?

MirnaP by Day-tripper
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Listing Still active verification

There should be a way or a process for OD to verify that people are still renting. I have heard from many renters and OD owners that they have to send 10+ messages before someone gets a response. By verifying if a listing is still active that helps O...

Tow Vehicle Insurance

Hello, Does any body offer a tow vehicle for rent when renting their trailer? I was planning to do that, but I talked to my insurance company (GEICO) and they said that if I offered my vehicle for rent it would violate the terms of my auto policy wit...

Outdoorsy vintage insurance update

We’re pleased to announce that your vintage vehicle is approved for Outdoorsy’s full rental insurance during the travel period.* In fact, Outdoorsy is the only major RV rental platform that covers vehicles older than 15 years for both Physical Damage...

vintage insurance.jpeg
Kameron by Community Manager
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Join us with our friends at Girl Camper

Hey Outdoorsy Owners, Our friends over at Girl Camper are hosting a live Facebook Q&A panel tonight with our beloved Listing Coach extraordinaire. For those who are not familiar, Girl Camper has been an Outdoorsy partner for quite some time. They rec...

Kameron by Community Manager
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Update announcement: renter fee changes

Hello Outdoorsy owners, We are writing to inform you of a change to our renter fees so that you can answer questions you may receive from renters. This change will only impact Outdoorsy renter service fees and will not impact Outdoorsy owner commissi...

Screen Shot 2021-07-22 at 9.43.55 AM.png
Kameron by Community Manager
  • 2 replies
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potential renter profiles

I have had people message me with questions about renting my RV. When I receive the email from Ourdoorsy with the message notification, I click on the "view profile" and it always takes me to the Ooops! page. There is no adequate explanation from the...

RandP by Day-tripper II
  • 3 replies
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My first time listing a class C coming soon

Hello,I am a brand new Outdoorsy member and looking forward to being able to rent out my 3 year old Thor Chateau Class C. I am hoping to price it somewhere in the $180-200 range, in hopes of renting it out at least twice a month. I will see what happ...

bbobich by Day-tripper II
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Renter Refusing to Return Motorhom

Looking for some direction and to see if this has happened to someone else...Long story short, I had a couple rent my Class A motorhome from Wednesday to Friday (first time renting it out). They were going to drive starting on Thursday morning from M...

Ryoukoe by Day-tripper
  • 4 replies
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Do I want to do this?

We will be taking delivery of a campervan soon. Already, there are people lined up wanting to "try it out". To say I'm nervous is an understatement, I'm terrified this investment will turn into a nightmare. We didn't purchase this van to rent out.Dis...

VFloyd by Day-tripper
  • 3 replies
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Holding a portion of security deposit for cleaning

Hi everybody! So far I have had pretty good luck with the renters for my RV, but unfortunately my last renter left my trailer very messy. I was wondering if you have encountered this problem before and if so what did you do? I reviewed the contract a...

ncoates by Day-tripper
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Up front disclosure of insurance minimum age

There should be a very clear up front disclosure on the minimum age required for a driver. While it is buried 2/3rds of the way through the TOS, who actually reads that th. It took me 10 minutes searching through the help center to find where it says...

Scamming renter

Hi All,I recently had a renter who complained about basically anything they could their entire trip without any eveidence. They claimed after having the unit for 2 days that the black tank was full and I never emptied. I offered a refund to the rente...

Chuckfa by Day-tripper
  • 5 replies
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vehicle verification

I am looking to list, but was hoping someone could clarify the "vehicle verification" process that is supposed to happen before each rental. The website states: "As a Lister on Outdoorsy, you agree to have your tires inspected before each reservation...

Resolved! What personal insurance is needed

I am currently looking into insurance coverage for a new van I'm purchasing and planning to rent out on Outdoorsy when I'm not using it. For my hosts, how does the fact that you rent your rig out affect your personal insurance coverage? What do you t...

Handling Rentals Remotely

Hi there. I am seeking some ideas, advice, and guidance for my camper rental through Outdoorsy.This is our first year renting on Outdoorsy for my wife and I, and we could have never imagined how popular our little toy hauler would be. It has been boo...

jcsuski by Day-tripper
  • 1 replies
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Insurance Driver Verification

Hi y'all! We're a mid size company that rents our vans out. Lately we've been having more than a few renters having issues with getting their driver verification approved. It ranges from them not receiving the emails to verify their details, checking...

Outdoorsy Canada insurance update

Hey there Outdoorsy Canadians, We’re excited to introduce a personal insurance policy for your RV that allows you to rent — thanks to our partner Roamly. Roamly now enables you to get insurance through their Canada-based partner, Aon. Here’s how to g...

Carli by Community Manager
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Delivery fee on quote

There needs to be a way for the delivery fee to be automatically calculated when sending someone a quote. This creates a lot of confusion for owners and renters - even outdoorsy staff who when called say it should be there. When a quote is sent witho...

Feature update announcement: mutual cancellations

Feature update announcement Insert drumroll sound effect You asked, we listened. Now introducing mutual cancellations! When the unavoidable comes up and you or your renter need to cancel a trip — mutual cancellation is now live in your Dashboard. Thi...

Screen Shot 2021-06-21 at 10.27.23 AM.png
Kameron by Community Manager
  • 3 replies
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Dumping the sewage

Hi everyone! We were wondering how we could make sure that renters dump the sewage before returning our trailer to us? Any advice? Thank you

KrystalP by Day-tripper II
  • 5 replies
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Who takes consignments

I have a ‘21 Opus OP4 trailer that I rent out in Colorado. I’m looking for a place to send it as a consignment in the winter that has year round camping. If you would be interested in taking on our trailer as a consignment through the winter months, ...

ajneely by Day-tripper
  • 6 replies
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We Can Provide RV Repairs!

Hi Outdoorsy Owner Community, We've just begun the journey of renting a small fleet of RVs in Southern California, and we're ALSO a professional RV Handyman Team! If you need any repairs or upgrades on your rig(s) in the SoCal locale, let me know! We...

leboove by Day-tripper
  • 2 replies
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Feature Update Announcement: Reviews

Product Update Our teams at Outdoorsy have been working hard to help improve renter review rate for owners. This is why after returning from a trip, renters will now see a new flow for adding their rating and review to share their experience. We are ...

Kameron by Community Manager
  • 1 replies
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