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Welcome to the Outdoorsy RV Owner Community Forum

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Community Activity

Renter wants to see before renting?

Does anyone ever encounter someone local that wants to meet up and see the rental before renting? I feel like our photos do it justice to answer any questions they might have. Not sure if I want to take the time to drive and meet at a location for a ...

Keeping track of tire inspections

Hi folks,We are new to outdoorsy, and are trying to get our rig ready for rental. I know we are supposed to have our tires inspected every 90 Days as a part of the protection policy , but my question is what is the best way to keep it documented so t...

Buying: Class A and B Motorhome Nationwide

Hey Everyone, Recently got into the RV rental business and looking to buy another RV to add to my rental. I currently have a Class C and looking to buy either a Class A or B. If push comes to shove I might be interested in the Class C also. Lets Talk...

HaleyZ by Day-tripper
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Max Age or Millage ?

Hi there,Is there an Maximum Millage and/or Age for using an RV as an commercial Rental ?I want to sart that Business and before i buy some RV´s i want to know if there is an List which RV requirements when renting them out. THANKS

FAMT by Day-tripper
  • 4 replies
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Rental Contract ?

Hi,Do i need an additional Contract between me and the renter.I would need an Document which saves me for any law suites and maybe other damages and travel with Pets, non smoking etc etc. ThanksAny Docs here for download which i can use ? THANKS

FAMT by Day-tripper
  • 2 replies
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Insurance ?

Hello, i´am new to here and want to start an Commercial RV Biz. soon.I Understand that any renter must purshase an insurance through Outdoorsey when renting out an RV from me but why i need then an additional insurance that allowed me to rent it out ...

FAMT by Day-tripper
  • 3 replies
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Assist those in need in response to hurricane Ian and Nochole

I want to give people who have been displaced a vacation. In response to hurricanes Ian and Nichole, I want to rent out my RV at a discounted rate (non-profit) to provide a vacation to those who have been displaced, while searching for a new home. I ...

Renter wants to tow with my rig

A renter has asked if I allow towing with my rig. I have a tow hitch that has a 5,000 lb rating, but I've never had a renter ask to tow a small trailer before. They have experience driving RVs and towing as well. Have you had experience with this? Do...

Kris10 by Day-tripper
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Camping World Service

Hi,I am a brand new RV Trailer Owner and took it for it's first service. Upon arrival, the RV was brought to me and it was infested with mice. It was dirty inside and outside like it was taken off road. Tires were uneven, I was so heart broken and ac...

PJulien by Day-tripper
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First rental

Okay, I was contacted to day for a 7 day rental though the Thanksgiving holiday. What is my next step? Do I contact Outdoorsy? How does this work as a host? I've rented a Class B back in the summer and that part was easy. Just don't know where I begi...

Mustang by Day-tripper
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Minimum age requirements for renting

I had a contact asking me about minimum age requirements for renting. I looked through the forums here and I believe I found that Roamly, the insurance provider here, requires a minimum age of 25. Is that correct?Thanks in advance.

Mustang by Day-tripper
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Disapointing year

This has been a disappointing season. I had to cancel multiple rentals due to $23K in damages that I did to my class C! It took 2 months in the shop to get it back, and then on its end-of-season rental, the fridge ammonia tank let go, flooding the RV...

Dherteux by Day-tripper III
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Finding a low(er) finance rate for your RV

I live in Minnesota. We have a credit union that serves Minnesota and Wisconsin residents that has recreational vehicle loan rates for 48 months at just 4.39%. 63 month loans are 4.64%. Another regional credit union had 4.19% apr on 48-60 month loans...

jim_hofer by Weekend warrior
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Pricing based on Sleeping accommodations

I am new and could really use some input. My 31' class A sleeps only 4 people. Just wondering if that's a deal breaker or if I should reflect that in the nightly rate. Do most renters want accommodations for more than 4? What has been your experience...

Lyndajoy by Day-tripper
  • 4 replies
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Consignment options for Travel Trailer

We are located in Kansas City, MO and looking for consignment options for the winter months (and summer too if things work out). We are hoping to send the trailer south (ideally Texas) if we can find the right consignment partner. The rig is a 2016 F...

Not getting email notifications

We haven't been receiving email or message notifications from Outdoorsy for a month now and not getting a resolution. I am now being told this is affecting many other users. Have you been affected?

Airbnb by Day-tripper
  • 5 replies
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Resolved! Affirm

has anyone had a customer use affirm? i recently had a renter who wanted to use that service but was unable to book with the payment plan even after they were approved.

SRA (Supplemental Rental Agreement) posting with listing?

Hi, all - Is there any way in the Outdoorsy owner listing to add a SRA? The other big sharing platform offers this (with disclaimers of course) and allows you to upload your SRA as a stand alone document (ie not just copied and pasted into your listi...

New Owner Here

Just bought my first RV ever in October. I posted my RV this month for renters. I hope I can learn something from the old owners here on this forum.

Lourance by Day-tripper
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New Owner here

Just bought my first RV back in August (at the ripe old age of 63). Have spent the last 3 months learning all I can about how to properly take care of an RV and set it up. Finally ready for renters as I just listed it this month. Of course, it being ...

Mustang by Day-tripper
  • 5 replies
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Growing our fleet here in Kansas!

We are looking to provide additional half-ton towable RV options for renters in Kansas for the 2023 summer. Please feel free to reach out if you would be interested. We would love to have a conversation with you about managing your RV!

Expense Tracking

Hi,Looking to hear ideas on the best way to track expenses throughout the year. What is your go-to?

Class C MH For Sale

Hi fellow Outdoorsy owners. I'm selling my 2016 Forest River Sunseeker 2650S-CDW, "Fiona." She's been a good moneymaker with pretty steady rentals out of Lewisburg, WV, but I'm ready to retire--again. Of course it's fully outfitted and ready to go ou...

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Feature announcement: Post approval add-ons

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Feature announcement: Post approval handoff requests

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