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Do you find Instamatch useful?

I wonder if others review their Insta-matches often and if they make offers, and what the response is like to those. I generally feel the request was not a good match, users looking at Class C do not likely want a smaller camper van. I've also heard ...

corwyn74 by Day-tripper II
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Transport Services

New to Outdoorsy and am planning on renting out and being a renter of trailers and or Rv'sI am putting up this post to offer my services as a professional transport driver, which will set up and take down or transport your trailers, 5th Wheels, Boats...

MartyMar by Day-tripper
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should the renter or the owner be responsible for disposing of blackwater and insuring the next trip is with a clean tank

Outdoorsy Tax Exemption Email

Hello Owners, Some of you may have received an email from Outdoorsy saying that your RV may be tax-exempt after completing a new registration. We just wanted to let you know that this is a legitimate email from Outdoorsy. This email was sent to owner...

Kameron by Community Manager
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Contract with renters

I am intending to rent out my 2013 Class C Coachmen, Freelander and believe I understand the basic principles here with Outdoorsy. My main concern is actually the agreement between the renter and me. I believe that on the Outdoorsy platform, we can l...

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