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Welcome to the Outdoorsy RV Owner Community Forum

Good news! We’ve made logging into the community a much easier process. You can now begin using your already existing Outdoorsy account credentials to log into the community as long as you have a listing created within that account. Thank you for being a part of the owner community!

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Community Activity

Delivery and Setup Issues

Hi All,I am excited to be a first timer Owner and Host on Outdoorsy. I had my first delivery yesterday and ran into some issues. I confirmed delivery time 2 days ahead of time and we arrived on time. I also went to the campsite to view the site and d...

KathyCav by Day-tripper
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Linens/Making the bed

If you provide full linens, do you make the bed for your renters, or just provide everything folded up for them to put on the beds? Secondly, we’re offering complimentary linens. Should we be asking each renter if they plan to use them? I’m thinking ...

hb22 by Drifter
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whats best way to cover propane usage?should they just bring their own tanks or rely on me to fill and charge appropriatly?

add ons

whats best way to cover propane usage?should they just bring their own tanks or rely on me to fill and charge appropriatly?

slow year

Is anybody else experiencing a slow year on your rental? We used to have several leads from Outdoorsy and sll 5 star reviews but, this year we only had 2 rentals. I dont know what is happening. Summer should be a very busy season.

Adding nights at a discount

I have a renter that wants to add a day at the beginning of their trip and another one at the end of the trip, mainly for pick up and delivery of the rig. I would like to give him a discount/free day as far as the rental fee, but not the insurance ch...

When will I see my listing?

I just finished listing our rental today. Outdoorsy says we’re all set but I don’t see my listing when searching. Any idea why?

Keara by Day-tripper
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What are some of the amentities you’ve used that give the renting experience a nice touch to boost ratings and reviews?

Rv repair in deland

Hi everyone! I am looking for a rv handyman. I am located in orlando florida deland. A/c and fridge not working. I own a 2019 Aurora 20ft. Email me at paulguimarin@gmail.comAny pointers help suggestions I am also open to.Thank you

One-way fee?

Hello, I have a renter who wants to pick up in sf where i live and drop off in Los Angeles. I’ll have to go to Los Angeles to pick up the van and drive it back to the Bay Area. I’m trying to figure out what is reasonable to charge for this, given tha...

TheCozy by Day-tripper
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Generator use while occupants sleep

We have our first rental later this month. Our renter is not sure that they will have hook-ups and plans to run the generator at night for the air conditioning. Our Thor manual states "never sleep with the generator running". Our RV is equipped with ...

Black out dates for reservations

Hi there! Brand new here! Wondering if there is a way to block certain dates available on the calendar. We need to get a door fixed so we wanted to black out a few dates. Thanks!

Responding to a Potential Renter

I am super brand new and just received my very first rental request. I am not sure how to respond. Do you ask the renter questions about their vehicle and trip? Do you just say that your unit is available and move forward with the process?Any advise ...


How does the insurance work I’m new here and I to know what’s the best way to go.

Fred8484 by Day-tripper
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Portable Waste Holding Tank

Hi everybody! I'm new at renting our RV and was wondering if its a good idea to provide our portable waste holding tank.

Loraine by Day-tripper
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Resolved! How to change an accepted quote (modify add-ons)?

Hey! How do you change a quote that has been accepted and paid for? My renters want to remove an add-on and I'm fine with it. They are picking up the RV tomorrow and I can't seem to find where to do this myself or where to contact Outdoorsy's custome...

Message response

I’m reading the comments and despite my attempts, I can’t reply. Why is that?

MrsB by Day-tripper
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Instamatch contacting renters

I apologize if this info is written somewhere but I can’t find it….I keep getting emails from Instamatch saying that there are renters looking for RVs like mine with a link to the dashboard. How do I go about contacting them? I’ve read it’s not often...

LauraS by Day-tripper II
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Renter wants to use their insurance

I just had an inquire from a potential RV renter who wants to use their USAA insurance to cover their trip in our van. They currently use it for their RV but it is not functioning so they want to rent ours. Is this even possible?How can we be sure th...

Business Insurance

Hey there!We're just getting started here. We plan to rent our Sprinter while its up for sale. Does anyone have experience with this?A few scenarios come up with this like:*what should we do about business insurance when there will be insurance with ...

Robert by Day-tripper
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When a renter cancels due to covid

We just had our first rental as new owners - and then it became our first cancellation, two days before the trip because the renter got Covid. How does Outdoorsy handle this to issue a full refund to the renter without penalizing the owner's algorhyt...

RV locator

Does anyone use a GPS or AirTag to track the vehicle location, when rented?

Sonman by Day-tripper
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Resolved! Questions about discounts for renters

Hello! I've recently just gotten our first booking returned and our renters had some issues with our camper while on their trip. When our camper was still under warranty, we had a leaky window on our slide-out. We were told that the whole window was ...

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