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Community Activity

late return and festival violation

I had my first renter this weekend and everything went smoothly except the return. We agreed that they would return the van by 3pm. Around 1:30pm I sent a message to them to see how the weekend went and to get an ETA. I did not hear back till 3:30pm ...

Kjstaudi by Day-tripper
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Do you charge renters, if a claim is required?

Hi All, My question is if your rig got damaged during a rental and IS required to go through claims. Do we charge the renters for our time and effort to deal with the claim? I know they typically lose their damage deposit, or up to $1500 deductible. ...

TonyL by Day-tripper
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Unresponsive renter

Hey guys, I have a renter who booked/paid and asked one question almost immediately. I answered his question and followed up with a separate question of my own. Since then(over a week) there has been radio silence. I have even reached out to him a co...

GetLost by Day-tripper
  • 5 replies
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Recommend a Wi/Fi Extender or Mobile Hot Spot?

Do any of you have experience with Wi/Fi Extender or Mobile Hot Spot for their rig? We are new owners and have had a couple of renters ask if our rig has We/Fi...we are considering installing it or a Mobile Hot spot. There's a lot of information out ...


How safe is adding your bank account? I have never done this before.

My4boys by Day-tripper
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Renter misconduct

Owner should be able to flag renter with a tag for misconduct when they return camper trashed, damaged, and they refuse to take responsibility and start disputing the incidents reported. Other owners should be able to see that flagged renter to atlea...

changing a 4 star rating to 5 stars

I am new to Outdoorsy and to camper ownership. A recent rental had a wonderful experience but noticed they accidentally put in 4 stars for my rating but meant to be in 5! They wanted to let me know in case I could find out a way that they can change ...

Harlow by Day-tripper
  • 2 replies
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mileage fee policy change

how is everyone adapting to the per day vs per night change? We have dropped the mileage to make up for the difference on our average rental.

School bus rental

Hi folks! I was wondering if anyone could give some insight into renting out their school bus. My wife and I would like to convert a short bus to rent out however we wanted to make sure it would have interest. Thanks ya'll! Joe

metz by Day-tripper
  • 2 replies
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Request by a potential renter

Hi,I am new to renting our RV. I received a message from a potential renter wanting to come to see the RV before they book it. Is this normal? I am not sure I feel comfortable having people come to our house who have not paid to rent it. Thoughts?

Tara-A by Day-tripper
  • 3 replies
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Renters Insurance Cost Prohibitive??

Is anyone losing renters due to the high cost of the insurance? I just started renting my travel trailer a week ago and the two bookings I have are likely to cancel now due to the insurance cost? Has anyone else experienced this? We're you able to fi...

jprizzia by Day-tripper
  • 2 replies
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Sync to Google Calendar

DO YOU WANT TO BE ABLE TO SYNC YOUR RESERVATIONS TO ANOTHER CALENDAR?! For the last year I've manually added my reservations to my calendar so my husband and I can coordinate delivery reservations. Today I decided no more - I'm going to make my life ...

Selling Ford Transit Camper Van

Looking to sale my 2018 Ford Transit Camper Van. 35kSee 27 photos of this 2018 Ford Transit Camper Van in Elk Grove, CA for rent now at $145.00/night

AllenRVs by Day-tripper
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Consignment or sale

I'm looking to sale or consign my RV. See 27 photos of this 2011 Fleetwood Tioga Ranger Class C in Elk Grove, CA for rent now at $155.00/night @outdoorsy

AllenRVs by Day-tripper
  • 1 replies
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Who dumps the rv

Hey guys! My question is, if there are full sewer hookups on site, should I expect the renter to do the dumping process before I come and pick up? Obviously I would do a double check and do my black tank maintenance.

GetLost by Day-tripper
  • 2 replies
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Class C RV Service

I am posting this because I am having alot of trouble getting my class C RV serviced in a timely manner at a reasonalbe price. I live in the Colorado area and just has a terrible experience with a company called Je Co in Denver. I was over charged, t...

bobucman by Day-tripper
  • 3 replies
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2109 Ford Transit (high roof) for sale

Hi, I am selling a 2019 Ford Transit fully converted van. I have used it for the last two years in Whitefish, MT as a rental during the summers and it has done great (all 5 star reviews), but I got a new job and don't have time to do that anymore.Bas...

sebbyt16 by Day-tripper II
  • 2 replies
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New and confused

Not sure if I’m posting in the correct area. Just signed up. Looking for a way to change my cover photo and/or edit my listing. My cover photo isn’t what I wanted. Can’t find a way to change it. The “drag to reorder” option didn’t work. It is now pub...

rWiss by Day-tripper
  • 1 replies
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LLC / Business Ownership questions

I'm thinking about transferring the title of my RV to my business, since it's an LLC and it would decrease my liability exposure. I'm curious to know if this is a problem with either Outdoorsy or Insurance?

wsj3 by Day-tripper II
  • 1 replies
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Property Manager?

Looking to see if there are folks that will manage my rental for me? I'm not sure if I want to rent it out from Georgia, Texas or Arizona. I think an Arizona Rental in the winter and maybe somewhere else in the Summer, but would want a manager to do ...

Winter Renting Demand

Hello Everyone,Im in the process of doing some reaching for renting out my rig during the winter. Before I invest money into my rig to enable my unit to do so. I just wanted to see how the market is for renting during the winter, and if its worth the...

TonyL by Day-tripper
  • 5 replies
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damage in return

my RV came back with scratches on the awning and scratched a panel by the door. how does the claim work when it comes to this?

Anthony by Day-tripper II
  • 1 replies
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Rental Company "Spider" Generator Issue

We dropped our RV off for a boondocking situation over Labor Day weekend (here in CA, it was the beginning of a pretty gnarly heatwave), and we assumed, when the renter gave us the address and we discovered that it was a remote venue, that they would...

Damages That can't be Captured in Pre-Trip Photoes

My trailer axle's spindle has been bent by one of the renters and I didn't notice it until a thousand miles later there was severe uneven tire wear. It cost thousands dollars to repair. The mechanic told me it could be very likely a pothole or curb h...

Awning Use

I'm a new owner/member and I wonder what experience other owners have with allowing (or not allowing) renters use the awning.

Is anyone doing contactless drop off and pick up?

I am wondering if anyone has done drop offs where they just have the person sign the forms and leave the van. I have some rentals that end on a Sunday, but they are done around 11am and that really is tough because I have to schedule my whole day and...

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