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Welcome to the Outdoorsy RV Owner Community Forum

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Community Activity

First rental tips?

Hello! I just put my posting of our RV to rent out and got approved for the free insurance. I'd like to know how the free insurance was approved will cover the renter or how you guys get your RV insured while it is rented out by the renter.

Class c registration

Hi ..havent pulled the trigger just yet on added our Class C to the rental program still getting some things sorted out BUT a big question is how do we go about the RV registration ?..I dont feel comfortable leaving it in the glove compartment with m...

LandShip by Day-tripper
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Add insurance option

Can I accept a booking that the renter has not chosen insurance option and add it before final booking? I want to go forward but need need to certain insurance is selected.

Potential spam/ cancer claims

Hi all! I have been getting RV requests and they all announced that they have terminal cancer are in a hurry to rent. Obviously this is some kind of spam but wondering if y'all get these and if there's a danger of communicating with those leads?

Resolved! First rental

I was so excited about our first rental got it all pretty added games had it ready to go. Before they picked up the camper I got an email stating that one driver had not been verified. I contacted the lady and she got her husband to finish up the pap...

Rental demand

Good day, hope this message finds you all well. I'm currently looking into buying a class C RV. The question I have is, what is the best size and sleeping capacity I should be looking at for renting out. Which one would you guys recommend?

yuyoleta by Day-tripper II
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Insurance in Virginia?

Was interested in renting my Sprinter, but my insurer says they will drop me from the policy if I rented. They advised the only way in VA is through a commercial policy, the quote the gave was so high renting would be a waste of time/money. The Outdo...

TW by Day-tripper
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Resolved! How long does renter have to pay/complete booking

I accepted a booking request yesterday, and am waiting for the renter to complete payment and finalize the booking. Does this payment from the renter & driver verification need to be completed in a certain amount of time before the booking acceptance...

Halo by Day-tripper
  • 4 replies
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Pricing your RV

Any advice on pricing our RV? Its a 2017 Thor Vegas, Class A, 26 footer. Outdoorsy recommended a number that was very high, but I priced it at $225. I'm thinking of lowering it to $195 in case people are searching below $200. Seems expensive, but I'm...


brand new -can anyone give us direction...we have 2020 Thor Quantum 25 Ft...what do renters look for

Hot water heater won't try to start

Hi all. When I flip the switch for my hot water heater it usually clicks a couple times then fires just like a grill. Now it's not clicking at all and won't start. Any ideas? Propane is fine, wires all seem fine.

Double Booking

Hello, I am new to Outdoorsy and just confirmed my first booking for our camper. I have two questions.(1) another guest is asking to book our camper on dates overlapping the dates that have already been booked. As a property owner we use Airbnb for b...

1popeman by Day-tripper
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Updating Availibility

Hi everyone, I just snoozed a new listing due to problems showing availability. When I mark dates as available it says it is saved. However, when I mark dates as unavailable, it says it is unable to save. As a result, my calendar shows every day as a...

Resolved! How Long do Renters and Owners Have to Leave Reviews?

It's been my experience on Airbnb that we (as renters as well as owners) have about 2-3 weeks to leave reviews.I'v always found that unfair because we are sometimes at the start of 4-week trip, but it takes us a few days to a week after getting home ...

Our Renter's Site was Occupied by Squatters!

Has this ever happened to anyone else before??I'd like to know how others handled it. This is what I did:As the park rangers were working on getting them out (I could see there was NO way anyone was home and there was even LESS of a chance that they ...

Providing Brake Controller

I noticed when filling out the listing that there is a section for providing a trailer brake controller. Is it a common thing to provide that? I would think most newer trucks come equipped with this(mine did 2017). If the renter does not have this, w...

crsbrt by Day-tripper
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Renting RV

Hello,I'm having a very hard time renting my 2017 Wildwood. I monitor my dashboard daily and have a pretty good listing. Is Outdoorsy just too saturated with people like us that want to rent their RV? Please let me know what works for you.Thank you!

Pet friendly renting

Hello all! So we have a renter who would like to have a pet. We have a no pet policy but in this case, its cohesive. What do you all charge as a daily rate for pets, if anything, and how do we verify pet damage will be covered under the Outdoorsy ren...

ID-RV by Day-tripper
  • 4 replies
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When something breaks

What do I do if something breaks or isn't working after a rental, but I have another rental coming up really quick? For example, my fridge is not working correctly, but my next rental is two days away. Do I cancel or just inform renters and then let ...

rdeyring by Day-tripper
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Toll bill after renter paid extra fees

Hello everyone. I have been renting out my RV for a little over a year now and have had a bill come in the mail for unpaid tolls. This has only happened twice and thankfully the latest was from a friend so she just venmoed me the amount. My question ...

Quick question on 1st booking request.

Just received a message from a potential renter. I have answered his question and let him know the rv is available for his requested dates. Do I confirm booking and take deposit now, before confirming pick up and drop off times? Or do I msg him some ...

RV Consignment and Flip Center Opportunity

Hello everyone! We are a family-owned small business in Las Vegas, Nevada and are excited to announce that we have acquired a 2 acre property. We are looking for business owners who are like minded and would like a space to be able to house, flip n' ...

VRVA by Day-tripper II
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Get a discount on Roamly Insurance!

Get a special discount off your Roamly insurance policy just for being an Outdoorsy RV Owner! Unique to Outdoorsy, RV-focused insuretch Roamly offers up to 10% off your insurance policy premium (amount depends on state rules). That amount of savings ...

Screen Shot 2022-07-25 at 1.49.33 PM.png
Anonymous by Not applicable
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